March 2014

March is upon us! We are still in the depths of winter, but that does not stop the geekiness abounding. This is a long newsletter packed with dates, club info, and partner news, so be sure to click to see it in a browser window to see the whole enchilada.

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Geek Card Here!

Have you volunteered for Geek Partnership Society this past year? Do you have at least 20+ hours since May 1, 2013? If you said yes to both questions you are eligible for your very own Geek Card, and you can vote, too! Yay! But we are not mind readers so contact [email protected] for a form to fill out your time and let us know what you want on your Geek Card and how to get it to you. You’ll get a special volunteer endorsement and volunteer-only titles to choose from.  

Are you an out-of-towner? Or just too busy to volunteer but still want your very own Geek Card? With for every donation of just $5 per month or an annual $60 gift to GPS you can get a card of your own with a selection of geeky titles to choose from. At higher monetary donations you become a higher-level geek with more choices for titles plus for every $5 per month you get +1 card. Please remember this does not give you the right to vote, but it does give you the right to Geek Out with Official Credentials. Once you have set up your tax-deductible donation you will receive an email from [email protected] to get your information for your card.  

For more information go to:

The button to make a donation is in the upper right corner.

GPS March Events

March 15 | GPS Movie Night

Event Horizon room 107. Set up starts at 6, film starts at 6:30.

Imagine a world without lying. Then Ferdy the Fence’s doppelganger happens.

To get the title, “buy” the free tickets here

Upcoming for GPS

April 12 | GPS Team Trivia Challenge

Pepito’s Parkway Theater – The main event starts at 5:30pm.

The Team Trivia Challenge is a game show-style trivia competition for teams, and a fun-filled event for both competitors and spectators alike. Teams of up to four members each test their science fiction and fantasy knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from movies – to comics to television to science and more. Eight teams (the previous year’s defending champions and seven challenging teams) compete for bragging rights and (modestly budgeted) fabulous prizes!

For this year’s list of books and details how to register a team please check the website.

May 19 | Annual Membership Meeting and Elections

Event Horizon room 107, 1121 Jackson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

The Annual Membership Meeting for GPS is coming up!

Elections are coming. At the Geek Partnership Society’s (GPS) Annual Membership Meeting we will be electing three (3) directors to the Board. To vote in the upcoming elections you will need to have volunteered at least 20 hours for GPS organizations before May 1st. Volunteer opportunities are plenteous, so you can still get your time in!

Anyone eligible to vote may also be eligible to run for the board. Contact [email protected] for more information or to declare your intent to run. All declarations must be received by the Secretary by May 1st.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Also, we are forming an Elections Committee to set up and run the election. Contact [email protected] if you’re interested. We want to have 4 people, who will be working with the Secretary.

GPS Writing Contest – Deadline May 15

Once again it’s time for those so inclined to put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard to create and submit for the GPS Writing Contest. Deadline for both manuscript and graphic novel entries is May 15, 2014. For details and rules please see

Club News (alphabetical by club)

Black Hat Collective

Saturday, March 29th room 106A from 1pm to 5pm

Hiyo! Another month, another meet up where we get together and make comics! Newbies are welcomed, along with the usual ragtag bunch of nerds. Let’s make stuff happen!

Crafty Geek

Thursdays From 7pm – 9 pm in Room 106A

Come and make something Awesome! Once a month Crafty Geek does a new project/build. This month has not been announced yet, so check out the Meet Up group for information.

Make It Sew (part of Crafty Geek)

People who sew. All skill levels are welcome. Recurring meetings coincide with Crafty Geek, one Sunday meetup.

Thursdays from 6:30pm – 9 pm in 106/106A

Sunday March 9 from 1pm – 4pm in 107

Geek Physique

Geek Slink Bellydance – SPACE IS LIMITED. Go to the Meet Up group to sign up.

Thursdays March 6 – March 27 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Geeks Read

Tuesday March 4th from 7pm – 9:30pm | “Throne of the Crescent Moon” by Saladin Ahmad followed by a discussion on the final book in Kate Elliott’s Spirit Walker trilogy “Cold Steel”.

GPS Photography Club | Open Gaming Photography

Saturday March 15th from 10 am-10 pm in room 106/106A

We are working to get involved with other clubs and recognize that U.G.G. is a great place to get started. The GPS Photography club wants to work with Open Gaming to best highlight the game play.

Read the Book/See the Movie – This club meets monthly in a member’s home. Email [email protected] for time and place. This month’s movie is based on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (graphic novel) by Frank Miller.

Friday, March 14th

Tsuinshi – the ATC/GPS co-sponsored club will be showing free classic anime movies and series. Questions? Contact: [email protected]

Fridays March 14 & 28 from 8:30pm – 11pm

United Geeks Of Gaming

Open Gaming        

Saturdays, March 1st (room 107) & 15th (rooms 106/106A) 10am – 10 pm

RPG Gaming – An RPG event for GM’s and Players to meet, setup games and run sessions.

Monday, March 10th from 6pm-10 pm in 106

Friday, March 21st 6pm – 11pm in room 106

Designers Session – The “”Designers Sessions”” are a series of meetings for game designers of all stripes to come together for discussion and testing/playing games.

Friday, March 14 from 6:30pm – 10pm in 106A

Tuesday, March 25 from 6:30pm – 10pm in 106A


April 5 | 10am-10pm | International Tabletop Gaming Day

UGG Open Gaming is a Twin Cities site!

Partner News

Convergence Events

2014 CONvergence Programming Panelist Sign Up Is Open

For announcement and sign up / FAQ links go to

March 23 | 2pm-5pm | Ops Open Meeting

at Grumpy’s in Minneapolis on Washington Avenue. Not just for Ops volunteers, all are welcome for an early con fix. There’s a short meeting at the beginning, socializing for the rest of the time.

March 30 | 3pm-5pm | Nerfherders Open Meeting

at Event Horizon in the Waterbury, room 106A

Nerfherders public meeting! Come learn what we do and how you can help us keep people moving through CONvergence smoothly.

Anime Twin Cities

March 24 | 6:30pm-9:30pm | ATC S.O.S. Meeting

Event Horizon room 106, 1121 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Want to help organize events for ATC? Join the Social Outreach Services team at our staff meeting!

Other Announcements:

Love British Sci-fi and fantasy?

Then climb aboard the “HMS Brit Con” for the

Magic & Mystery Tour! 

May 23-25, 2014, this ‘ship’ sails from the Doubletree Park Place hotel in St. Louis Park, MN for a weekend of fun, frivolity and British education.See famous sights: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and more! Meet famous folk: Martin Powell, Andrew Hope, artists Fastner & Larson, Daleks, and many more! 

To learn more, or to register for this ‘voyage,’ go to

Current rate for membership (through March 31) is $45.00 for adults. 

Standard sleeping ‘cabins’: $94.00/ night. 

Brit Con Science Fiction Convention: 

We’re ALL British, ALL the time.


Have you registered for all of your cons yet? Know about other events? Check out the links below.

Apr 4-6        Anime Detour (

Apr 5          International Tabletop Day (‎)

Apr 17-20     MiniCon (

Apr 25-27     Omegacon Spring (

May 5          Free Comic Book Day (‎)

May 16-18     Console Room (

May 23-25     BritCon 2014  (

Jul 3-6         CONvergence (

Jul 25-27      Diversicon (

Sep 12-14     Furry Migration (

Oct 17-19     Anime Fusion (‎)


If you would like to see more exciting GPS and geek events, please visit the calendar.