Team Trivia Challenge


2016 Winners – Cinema Rex!

Left to right: Eric Knight, Pat Harrigan, John Grams, and Tony Karna.

Photo by Peter Verrant

The Team Trivia Challenge is on hiatus for 2017 and will be back in spring of 2018

The Basics

The Team Trivia Challenge is a game show-style trivia competition for teams, and a fun-filled event for both competitors and spectators alike. Teams of up to four members each test their science fiction and fantasy knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from movies – to comics to television to science and more. Eight teams (the previous year’s defending champions and seven challenging teams) compete for bragging rights and (modestly budgeted) fabulous prizes!

You can put a team together and enter, or just come on down and enjoy the show! There’s a $20 fee for competing teams, but for spectators, it’s free! You can root for your favorite teams, test your own trivia knowledge and maybe even win a prize for answering an audience question. We’ll have a raffle and GPS merchandise for sale! And for those over 21, there is a cash bar.

Planning Committee

The folks that plan the Trivia Contest are:
Peter Verrant
Pat Wick
Tim Wick
Roger Pavelle
Nick Glover
Andy Murphy

Past Team Trivia Challenge Champions

2017 event on hiatus
2016 Cinema Rex (Pat Harrigan, John Grams, Eric Knight, and Tony Karna)
2015 Cinema Rex (Pat Harrigan, John Grams, Eric Knight, and Tony Karna)
2014 Phobophobia
2013 Dolemite
2012 Dolemite
2011 Cinema Rex
2010 Dolemite
2009 Dolemite
2008 Cinema Rex
2007 Dolemite
2006 Team M.E.R.D.
2005 Cinema Rex (Tony, Pat, Eric and John)
2004 Dolemite (Mark, Mike P., Mike H. and The Big Z)
2003 Soylent Theater (Kelvin Hatle, Tony Karna, Joshua Scrimshaw and Tim Uren)
2002 Soylent Theater (Kelvin Hatle, Joshua Scrimshaw, Zvie Razielli and Tony Karna)
2001 Soylent Theater (Joe Scrimshaw, Joshua Scrimshaw, Doug Shaw, and Kelvin Hatle)
2000 Berh’ak II (Rob Atendido, Doug Norton, Jan Cummins, Charles Beardshear)
1999 Berh’ak