“Iron” Pen Contest

“Iron Pen” is a flash fiction contest that challenges writers to create a true drabble of exactly 100 words in the space of an hour. This event is sponsored by the Geek Partnership Society and takes place annually at the CONvergence sci-fi/fantasy convention. The contest is open to any registered attendee of CONvergence who attends the event.

During the scheduled hour, a “secret ingredient” prompt item is provided, and entrants write short pieces of fiction inspired by that item. The winning entries are posted by the end of the convention. The first, second, and third place winners receive gift certificates.

Contest Rules

  1. Each contestant may submit only one entry.
  2. All entries must be original works of fiction.
  3. All entries must be written at the convention within the scheduled hour.
  4. All entries must involve the “secret ingredient” prompt item in a clearly recognizable fashion.
  5. All entries must be exactly 100 words. Hyphenated words or phrases will be counted as multiple words.
  6. Entries may not exceed a PG13 rating.

Past Entries

CVG – IP 2014 Entries    CVG – IP 2011 Entries    CVG – IP 2013 Entries