At GPS we are here to enable your inner geek with year-round clubs, activities and projects. We work at bringing the greater geek community together and developing the next generation of geeks. Adults and children are welcome to become members.

Basic membership is free! Sign up as a member and you will get our monthly newsletter and opportunities to do fun things with other community members. You may sign up by emailing

Voting members volunteer 20 or more hours for GPS and its clubs and events, and earn a discount for renting the space at Event Horizon as well as automatically achievieving Card Carrying Geek status at the Volunteer Tier (see below). They may also vote in the annual director election if they are 18 or older, or even run for a director position.

Supporting members who donate a minimum of $60 a year may become a Card Carrying Geek. The more you donate, the higher your level of geek. Donations may be paid once a year or in monthly increments through a credit card or checking account, and are tax deductible. Anything you can give is most welcome and will be used to support our scholarships, programs, and the Event Horizon space.

Please click the button below to set up a donation through our secure portal.


Card Carrying Geek Levels

Card generation will take place at our quarterly Open Meetings (check our calendar). Taking your photo, and printing and laminating the card, will take about 5 minutes. Please contact to get on the list for a card or if you have any questions.

Volunteer Tier

For 20 or more hours of service, choose from the following titles:

  • Minion
  • Sidekick
  • Doctor’s Companion
  • GIR

Level 1 Geek

For $5 a month, choose from the following titles:

  • Padawan
  • *Unknown Life Form*
  • Targ
  • Plucky Hobbit

Level 2 Geek

For $10 a month, choose from the Level 1-2 titles:

  • Storm Trooper
  • Wage Mage
  • +Translation Error+
  • Bekk

Level 3 Geek

For $25 a month, choose from the Level 1-3 titles:

  • Jedi Knight
  • Star Commander
  • Fremen
  • X-man

Level 4 Geek

For $50 a month, choose from the Level 1-4 titles:

  • Shai-Hulud
  • Order of Kahless
  • Time Lord
  • Admiral of the Green

Level 5 Geek

For $75 or more a month, choose from the Level 1-5 titles:

  • Istari
  • Leonardo
  • Dread Pirate Roberts
  • 42

Level 6 Geek

For $100 or more a month, choose from the Level 1-5 titles or choose your own, so long as it fits on the badge and is PG-13.