Geek Physique

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“Fitness and wellness that is all our own”

Geek Physique is all about fullness of life while enjoying being a geek. We are bringing fun, often unique fitness activities to you, along with wellness science.

Geek Physique also has its very own Meetup site. Meetup is a really great tool for a busy and dynamic club like Geek Physique. The robust scheduling and content flexibility make it ideal for reaching people and keeping them up-to-date on the wacky brand of fitness that only Geek Physique can provide. We encourage everyone out there to log on to Meetup and join the Geek Physique group, even if you are already on our Facebook or Google Groups. Meetup is our main method for communicating news and events, and we think you will find it a lot easier to use than the other avenues.

This summer we have archery meetups, walking discussion groups, and we’ll be starting another series of Aikido and Geek Slink Bellydance. Go to our MeetUp group for details and to sign up.